I’ve been meaning to get a blog going for ages. I put one on one of my websites, but decided that was a bit worthy and boring. So I’m going to stick one up here, on the basis it’s going to be inhabiting a merry flow of many blogs.

My first premise was unashamedly self promotional-I have music to flog, music lessons to flog, cds, mp3s, videos of the stuff.

Then I decided it was actually quite boring and drudge-ish trying to interest people in what I’m doing, and in fact, I’m interested in compiling things of interest to me. So I’m going to ask my friends who know more about these things than me to recommend books every month, shows, art things, and I’m just going to chat about stuff I like, and document for my own purposes the experiences that making your way as a freelancing musician throws up.

Right now, I’m developing my mind by watching Almost Famous near Perth. I don’t have a TV so this is quite an exciting occasion. The 70s rock and taches etc all very good value.

Last weekend I played the Old Bridge inn in Aviemore. I’m too tired to go into the detail it deserves, but the food is the best I’ve eaten in a LONG TIME. The highland bum-slapping that happens on a Friday night is just an extra bonus. AVIEMORE. They actually have their own smokery round the back.

I also had fun playing with a fantastic American Alt.Country singer called Brigid Kaelin. Check out her music-everyone at her (sold out) show at the Leith folk club had a great time. I like her blog too.  In fact, there has plenty of musical action this week-saw Lily Buchanan perform this weekend, she’s got a great, distinctive style, think she has stuff on soundcloud under Lily and the Hackabouts, although they now go under the name of the Graphite Set.

And I might play some tunes tonight at a pal’s bday at the Voodoo rooms in Edinburgh.

I’d also like to do a little podcast now and then. So I might try and figure out how. Advice on the copyright rules?


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