Cmon cmon!

I am following other bloggers who write one really good, well written, well thought out post a week. But I think I’m just going to ramble fairly freely to start with. Went to the Born To Be Wide seminar. They’re always good, today was journalists; always interesting hearing how it works for the critics when you are toiling as a composer to present your offerings.  

I think the whole music journalism thing is interesting. I had a job reviewing bars for a few years ago, and I would go and write three a night sometimes. Generally on my own, so not particularly glamorous. Obviously there has to be an opinion if a review is to be at all readable, and that opinion has to be subjective. Critique that comes from a generous place is invaluable, and can really help you hone and craft what you’re doing, or addressing some failure of communication. But reviews don’t always come from this place, and one thing that really annoys me is when you get a shit review because someone just didn’t really get what you were doing, and they chose to ignore the fact that everyone else there was obviously enjoying themselves. I think if you’re going to publish a review about an artist, of course you can say that you didn’t connect with the material, or the style of presentation; but to fail to say that other people were enjoying themselves presents an arguable unfairly skewed account of the gig. 

I’m starting to conform in some respects to some really embarrassing stereotypes in my thirties – the most recent is the born again yoga enthusiastic. Generally having always been crap at sport, I went to a student yoga class and experienced what it was like to feel Old, for the first time. I was the older person in the group! The unbendy one with no core strength who flopped and fell over! I didn’t like it, so decided to take myself in hand. The yoga place is near the department where I spend a lot of time on my masters, so there’s no excuse. After 3 sessions I was doing a twisty thing that had made me fall over the first day. Thought, ha! Not so ancient and wobbly after all! After 5 sessions in a week, I tried to do the first bit of headstand and now I can’t turn my neck to the right and my right hand is a bit colder than the left (suggesting distinct lack of blood.) 


In general though, I have to concede that the lower back pain which has plagued me since my late teens seems much attenuated. If that’s what it takes to banish it, I’ll do that downwards facing dog. 

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