Summer UK dates booked

I’m just making some flyers with the next few gig dates on them and I thought it might be an idea to post them up. It’s been quite hard work booking them, so it’s nice to look down and see a good number coming to fruition.

For a few months I’ve been really busy with the classical composition stuff and was wistfully thinking ‘why do those bands have gigs and not me’ when I went out and saw stuff It’s been a great exercise booking these gigs, firstly because when you work out how much leg work it takes, it cures you of thinking anything’s ‘no fair’ about other artists’ progress vis a vis yours-it’s bloody hard work for them too, and if you don’t have gigs it’s because you couldn’t be bothered to arrange any, or were in a big existential confusion about what the hell you were hoping to achieve with it all that made you feel apathetically futile-amounts to the same. Hopefully once this round of cold calling is done, these will be promoters I go on to have relationships with and subsequent dates will be easier to book.

I’ve got my loop pedal out, I’m going to test it on some tunes tomorrow. I’ve got 16 new cds in stock, I’ve got all stamps and ink to decorate the fliers now, I’m going out tonight to accompany a friend singing at her birthday party, and I’m ordering up a smooth journey from London to Devon tomorrow. I was very distressed when I thought I’d left my favourite Earl Grey Teabags at home but thankfully my panic was averted. I noted my progress towards a slightly fussy middle age is rapidly accelerating when I found myself procrastinating my rehearsal this morning by comparing the merits of various different models of car kettle on amazon. Shiny steel one-boils quick but gets hot on exterior. Plastic ones remain cool but take 18 mins to boil. But it does mean when I get one I need never fork out 2 quid for some hot water (seeing as I usually take my own flask and my own tea bags.) When I’ve sold these cds, I’ll get to use all the new inks I also just ordered. Being an adult is great. You can buy EVERY COLOUR YOU WANT from the craft shop rather than begging your parent for one and then facing the agony of choice. As a thing to go crazy on, it’s a lot less expensive than drugs, booze or designer togs. Image

summer 2012 dates

Sat 26 May – Idler Academy, Notting Hill, London (solo)

Friday 8 June – The studio lounge, Totnes, Devon (solo)

Sat 9 June – The beach hut stage, Llama Festival, Lynton & Lynmouth (solo)

Sun 10 June – Main stage, Llama Festival, Lynton & Lynmouth (duo with fiddle)

Mon 11 June – Mr Wolf’s, Bristol

Sat 23 June – EppyFest, Stroud (solo)


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