Well, we had a lovely time at the Idler Academy yesterday. Sunshine, books resonating with promise, cool beer, fine cheer. Special thanks to Lilias of The Graphite set, who was brilliant. There were even small children having fun. The Roland streetcube worked really well, impressive volume for 6 AA batteries. It was particularly nice for me to see a bunch of friends some of whom I haven’t seen for ages. Slight post gig come down today, although enjoyable seeing the bombshellettes, with whom I rehearsed for our gig at the Jubilee next weekend. 

It’s really emphasized that however arbitrary our formative friendships are, in terms of the people we happen to meet, there’s no replacing the atmosphere of those earlier formed relationships as we get older, and the tie of the shared experience. I’m too busy doing my masters and working and doing candythief to have time to cultivate enough new friendships in Edinburgh even though I’ve met plenty of marvellous people while studying here, because it’s a different time of life. So I feel a bit back-to-School about the 8 am train north tomorrow, not to mention the synopsis for my final piece I’m supposed to be presenting to my supervisor on Tuesday.

And there’s the tour. The Idler gig was great fun but suggested a bit more rehearsal needed on some of the tunes that I’m using the loop pedal on, and also suggested not forgetting its manual so I know how to make it fade at the end. Now I’ve booked the date, I am dealing with the inevitable psychological backlash – Mainly sum uppable as ‘AAAAGGGGH!’ or ‘ What am I doing? No-one’s going to come! I don’t know what’s going on! I’m supposed to be writing my final piece on the French revolution! What’s my point exactly? Why haven’t I managed to organise more press? what am I doing with this immensely thankless singer songwriter nonsense anyway?’


At least it’s sunny. Now, off to dig out the tent to take with. I’ll put all the dates up again soon.





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