I started this post by attempting a quick, witty resume of what I’d been up to since I last blogged, which was before a particularly thorny bottle neck of non optimal health, impending masters hand in, and non music business obligations. Then I realised it was about as amusing as a particularly turgid ‘in my summer holidays, we went to…’ type school essay. So I’m just going post this link to a really interesting article about confidence and the idea of ‘self talk’ – (the psychologist’s term for the inner commentary we have running in the background); and the notion that we have a limited amount of attention/concentration, which we can either expand on things useful to our goals or things limiting, just as we can either spend our money on things we want or things that impoverish us. In fact it’s a very satisfying analogy for looking at a lot of non-financial ways we end up ‘impoverished’ (discouraged, bored, depressed) as a consequence of allowing our attention to be eaten up or zapped by things that promise to content us but bring us no closer to any of the things we value – eg when you sit around watching daytime TV and have a mild sense of self-loathing afterwards… versus when you do something engaging and end up feeling quite satisfied. Here it is. Although it’s written for musicians I think it’s generally applicable.



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