In which I apparently have a ‘career’. I suppose it’s about time.

I am on my way to do a presentation at the college where I studied on ‘developing a career in education’


The idea that my haphazard set of experiences is being presented as a deliberate and viable life choice is nothing short of hilarious. If only I’d known back then that everyone else was blagging too it would have saved me about ten years of being slowed down by umm-ing and hesitation. Fortunately my first degree was in history, so I know all about revisionism and propaganda.

So far I’ve got:
Don’t say: ‘yes kids, living in a boxroom in Hackney Wick with vomiting cats and no windows was the very essence of living the artist dream-I truly felt connected to the inner wisdom of the arseoisie’  or ‘Jazz Fusion will cease to exist once you have left this building, and will be irrelevant for the rest of your life, even if in this ecosystem the fastest players are at the very pinnacle of the student body.’

Do say:

‘Developing a clear idea of what you’re interested in is waaaaay more important to your future success than what scales you can play, and how fast. I am still catching up on sight-reading homework that I didn’t do in 2001. I managed to pass all my exams without particularly having done all the stuff you were supposed to.’

‘No-one ever talks about how to develop resilience, which is also a key quality you will need in order to develop a freelance career. Feelings of vulnerability are a normal part of life and not something shameful you have to conceal in case it proves that you can’t hack it and aren’t cut out for it.’

I also want to get them  interested in collaborating with Only Connect. Only Connect is a Creative Arts company I’ve delivered a few songwriting projects for. They work with a membership of ex-offenders and there are some very talented performers, vocalists and songwriters amongst them, it’s always an absolute joy working with them. I believe very passionately that everyone who feels inclined towards music should be able to access tuition, and I’ve started doing a live stream free access guitar club every week. (I usually post about it on candythief fb page and Key To Music fb page-like them for updates) The students would be ideally placed to supply some volunteer tuition to OC members, and to flesh out their songs.

Well, I don’t know what I thought would happen beyond things magically turning out marvellously; but I’m not sure I imagined it would be this…but I’ve had an interesting time, which was always my main criteria.


-Marty is mixing the singles

-GIG on 1st May in Edinburgh at Henry’s Cellar bar, £3 entry if you are down on the facebook invite.

-SPRING at last.

-I think I’ll return to an idea I had a while back to set up a tiny tiny record label, Lexicon, and release the singles on it.


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