Grand tour of Ireland

So, I’ve been a bit rubbish about keeping the blog updated, but enthused by the example of Johnny The Pictish Trail/Lost Map’s very funny blogs, I’m getting back into it.

The main news is that I’m leaving with Anne, the lovely cello player, on Thursday for a tour of IRELAND! I have never had the privilege of visiting the Emerald Isle and am very excited.

Arrive 3 Oct-go to Odessa club night to see Pumajaw and Serafina Steer

4 Oct – play The House Presents at Annesley House, Dublin

5 Oct –  McDaid’s, Letterkenny

6 Oct –  Rodden’s, in Buncrana

7 Oct –  Songcycle night at Whelan’s, Wexford street, Dublin

10 Oct-TBC Dimestore night at Sweeney’s

13 Oct – The Spirit Store, Dundalk

14 Oct – Drive home!

I have some major thanks to proffer to Adrian Crowley who has been really kind and helped facilitate this trip with booking and other practical assistance!


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