Whelans-Dublin-7 Oct 2013

I won’t lie, we were pretty weary when we arrived in Dublin after a few hours in the car and a marathon two and a half hour gig at Rodden’s in Buncrana. I’ve now eaten more bananas in the last few days than the hungriest chimp in the zoo. I’m so tired I can barely be bothered to drink a glass of water. But I have a day off and I’m going to crawl into a corner and sleep for a bit.

Whelan’s – Great lovely place. Fabulous sound guy. All promising. We were, if I’m honest, slightly hoping to play early and get some sleep, but we were on later; a few folk had gone home. And there was a really, really annoying loud guy talking. It was taking absolutely all my concentration to just play the music; usually I’m not that fazed by a bit of chat, but I had no extra rocket boosters to carry over him. So I tried going quiet suddenly. Didn’t work. Tried stopping a song half way through and saying hello. Didn’t work (I don’t think he was an English-speaker.) Eventually, in that slightly delusional state of mind extreme fatigue breeds, I just started singing different words to a chorus, along the lines of

‘we’ve driven for hours from Donegal

to play some Muuuusic at Whelan’s, oh yes we have

And I don’t want to sound like a twaaaaat but it’s really distracting me

when you chat, chat, chaaaaat’


That didn’t work either. Anyway we pushed on and enjoyed it nonetheless. Not a CD buying crowd, it must be said. The artist on after us came up at the end and asked us if we would like to improv for a bit with him. We were taken aback (favourably) by this friendliness, it was Anne’s last gig so we happily accepted. We went into some Dadgad bluesy improvs which were massive fun. He was delightful. Nowhere I’ve ever toured has another artist just offered that up-I was well impressed by the spirit of it. Another instance of what has rapidly become the theme of the week, The Unnecessary Niceness of the Irish.

By this time we had woken up-nothing like being put on the spot to jerk you into life; so when he suggested some kind of recording might be possible over next few days I was most intrigued. Have dropped Anne at the airport and now retiring to a corner to sleep for a bit, awaiting either the call of possible new Irish recording friend, or maybe driving out to the country again.

2013-10-06 11.39.49


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