I loved Jules Evans book ‘Philosophy for Life’ and have long enjoyed his blog and newsletter, and this week is a particular gem.

Some key ideas about Stoicism to try out, and a good reason to do so with an event that really appeals to me – ‘Live like a Stoic week’ which challenges those who would put good intentions into practice to write a journal of their week. I think any exercise that causes us to direct our attention in a slightly different way can generate awareness; and the more awareness we have, the more we can direct the flow of events and reactions to events. In a helpful fashion.

Let’s face it, by the time the end of Nov rolls around, and we’re deep in short days, wintery-ness, doing tax, etc we’ll need all the Stoicism we can get. Who else wants to do the journal?

In candythief news, I have NEARLY FINISHED a song that I’ve been working on for ages. Of late I seem to struggle with knockin’ em out unselfconsciously like I used to, and instead I am a bit prone to getting bogged down in ‘what do I MEAN’ and ‘what I am TRYING TO SAY’; although I think that’s a necessary evolution & it would get boring for self and others if I never tried to move what I was doing on. But still-I am glad I’ve nearly done it, not least because it’s for someone who’s been waiting a while for it.

I’ve also established that I’d really like to do a studio album in 2014 and I need to work out how to do that. Spend time researching labels and getting some support? spend equivalent time earning £5k or so to do it upfront? (judging by recent history we could be waiting some time if I take latter approach, although I have upgraded by money earning ideas recently.)




2 thoughts on “Stoic

  1. I would try the journal (and might do it even if you decide not to) — it’s a lovely idea. I find myself so busy these days that if I have a spare moment to reflect I’m more likely to fall asleep or sink Lethe-wards into TV than journal. That’s a default setting I don’t want to get stuck on.
    A new album? YYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is, of course, up to you how you want to fund it. But if you do decide to crowdfund part or all of it, you know I’ll be delighted to participate. 😀

  2. Do the journal too and compare notes! The sinking is a brutal combination of health and energy suffering in a way they didn’t in one’s twenties from cumulative lifestyle effects (very unrock n roll-I have had trouble with adrenals/thyroid paying me back for over-ambitious schedule for past decade) which can lead to a relinquishing of certain things that properly should not be relinquished. Easy to let go of things and suppose that this is because we are being ‘grown-up’ and ‘realistic’. Anyway thank you as ever for the encouragement. I would be loath to do another crowd-fund-I feel like I’ve rinsed my friends enough! And also, I wouldn’t want to do another 8 tracks in a less-well resourced way than I did last 2; and if I x4 the budget for that, it would be not vast in terms of what albums cost (about £5k) but a lot more than I think I could raise. So I’m starting to work out how I could get some label support, or some other way. There is always a way! 🙂

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