Chanson tour with Brigid Kaelin

Well, what can I say? Brigid’s made an amazing video that pretty much says it all…

We had a great time playing a bunch of dates up and down the UK. Hosts were incredibly kind, audiences were lovely and welcoming; gigs were almost all sold out and standing room only-so it’s a very big THANK YOU from me for coming out, putting us on, putting us up, and in Brigid’s case putting up with me for hundreds of miles in the car!

I love discovering new places and I was spoiled for choice on this trip. I went to Filey, home to one of the UK’s finest beaches, and tried STOUT for the first time in my life. I could only manage half a pint and the tireless promoter Chris Lee, like the gentleman he is, finished the rest for me. You can see Brigid is making a better fist of her stout. Coffee and tuna mayo potato on the beach; fun with huge lobster sculptures, moody Yorkshire skies…

Obviously I blame the fact I didn’t finish the stout properly for the small error in judgement the next morning when I dropped my home house keys on the pavement. Chris went beyond the call of duty in noticing, texting me and posting them on to one of our next destinations. Wasn’t my week for keys, as you will see shortly.


Next day we were at the Whitby Pavilion which is beautiful. Whitby is splendid, containing beautiful views, sea, a wonderful place for tea, Dracula fun, and the amazing abbey. Apart from the gig during which you will see in Brigid’s vid we had time for a ministry of funny dancing moment (to the infectious strains of Mas y Mas, a Latin band), my best moment was when I scaled the wall encircling the abbey. I’ve been learning aerial for a year and a half and I’m glad it’s coming in useful. I’m training to be able to get out of the way of the radioactive cockroaches when the apocalypse comes, so I’m glad to be on track!

11021239_10153358776139311_5451251467914197721_n 10440288_10153358776774311_4125850492495415570_n 10408831_10153358766154311_1632770976494457917_n THAT wall. Ok, it’s not huge, but still.

THIS tea room:

10930111_10153355660509311_6980750630413646121_n 11024651_10153355660664311_8818158517710551204_n

This general loveliness:

20522_10153358776569311_534468935664231438_n 11025755_10153358776354311_1466945494867722151_n 10609460_10153358776279311_8966614707841037588_n

Next stop Bournemouth in an amazing converted church. At this stage Brigid’s super power of good travel weather is going pretty strong as you can see from the park, sea views, cute bandstand and FIRST DAFFODILS that I had seen. You can also see an affable chap getting a saw lesson from Brigid. How many times does THAT happen after a gig!

10676197_10153360720239311_2514652545923687205_n 11018818_10153360772689311_1127258523607388272_n 11043167_10153361141734311_6751338226523180410_n 1487256_10153361141924311_8288403332226160755_n

Our hosts in Bristol play in a really good indie band. Neil also gains extra points for 1. An amazing dinner/breakfast (fancy a job as tour chef next time?) 2. Making up for my waning superpowers – this time, rather than dropping my key, I went off with the church key that I was supposed to post through the door upon leaving. I don’t really know what happened. I said to Brigid after we loaded the car ‘I’m going to post the key back.’ I walked up to the church door.  I somehow didn’t post it through the letterbox. My mind however decided I had. I got back in the car and drove to Bristol. Lou was a little concerned about getting in and out of her house and Neil saved the day by doing the post office honours and saving us a detour back to Bournemouth. As I was chief chauffeur, this was an enormous relief. So, not the keys superpower that week.

Then first night out in my former home turf of London! This was grand. Rick/Folklore is a great promoter, the place was rammed and I saw some old pals. Afterwards it occurred to me that my shorts might have been inappropriately small.

Harrison bar, London
Harrison bar, London

10999605_10153366027299311_4176341921737591155_n 11044497_10153366027244311_2093469671825809166_n 2015-03-04 09.11.11 2015-03-03 22.23.09 11034315_10153366027199311_3683218364505445956_n

Back up North the next day via Tebay, my favourite services. A night out in Bridge of Earn hosted by Mairi Maclennan in Bridge of Earn. Here’s Brigid of Earn:

2015-03-06 20.14.22

Mairi’s son’s band opened for us and they were kick-ass. Also awesome were the punters who joined in some good singalongs after.

Last night in Edinburgh at the best House Concert Venue ever-we had brought some treats from Dorset for the House Concert hound Colin and it was a night of sheer fuzzy vibes – what a lovely way to end…

Now I have Brigid’s 26 inch saw in my cupboard – she left it because you can only get 22 inch saws here and she might not check a bag next time – so stay tuned for future adventures! An especially big thank you to Brigid for having me along – she’s a very talented lady and it was great to see her in action and join in! She also made sure I had plenty of chocolate at all times:



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